Ayurveda recorded course online

Pre-recorded Online Course In Ayurveda For Advanced Learners


Syllabus: What You Will Learn




UNIT 1. Introduction to Ayurveda: Study of The Basic Principles


1.1 Introduction to Ayurveda:


● Definition of Ayurveda
● History of Ayurveda
● Unique features
● Aim of Ayurveda
● Concept of Health in Ayurveda


UNIT 2: Branches of Ayurveda (Ashtanga Ayurveda):


● Kayachikitsa (General Medicine)
● Bala Chikitsa (Pediatrics)
● Graha Chikitsa (Psychology)
● Salya Chikitsa (Surgery)
● Salakya Chikitsa (ENT & Cephalic Diseases)
● Visha Chikitsa (Toxicology) – ma
● Rasayana (Rejuvenation Therapy)
● Vajikarana (Aphrodisiac Treatment)



UNIT 3: Detailed Study of Ayurveda Procedures


● Gandusa
● Kavala
● Nasyam
● Netra Tarpana
● Anjana




UNIT 1: Detailed Study of the Basic Principles of Ayurveda:


● Theory of Creation
● Pancha Mahabhuta Concept
● Tridosha Concept
● Concept of Body, Mind and Soul
● Detailed Study of the Types of Dosha.
● Concept of Sapta Dhatu (Body Elements)
● Concept of Mala (Waste Products)
● Concept of Srotas (Body Channels)
● Concept of Agni (Digestive Fire)
● Concept of Koshta (Alimentary Tract)
● Concept of Prakruti (Body Constitution)
UNIT 2: Preparatory Processes of Panchakarma Therapy
UNIT 3: Graha Chikitsa: Stress, Anxiety and Depression
UNIT 4: Study of Visha Chikitsa
● Marijuana (Cannabis)
● Tobacco
● Alcohol


UNIT 5: The Three Sub-Pillars of Ayurveda


● Diet (Ahara)
● Sleep (Nidra)
● Sex (Brahmacharya)




UNIT 1: Study of Female Health:


3.1 Introduction to Garbh Sanskar: Prenatal Ayurveda Regime for Healthy Foetus


3.2 Study of Female Reproductive Cycle and Infertility


3.3 Study of PCOS through Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy


UNIT 2: Commonly Used Medicines, Oils and Products in Ayurveda


UNIT 3: Detailed Study of Diet or Ahara


UNIT 4: Concept of Ojus and Immunity


UNIT 5: Concept of Sadvritta: The Code of Conduct for Mental, Physical and Emotional Well-being


UNIT 6: Detailed Study of Food


11.1 Super Foods in Ayurveda


11.2 Study of Different Seeds in Ayurveda and Their Various Uses


11.3 Study of Herbal Teas and Herbal Drinks


UNIT 7: Study of the Home Remedies of the Following Diseases


● Gastritis
● Constipation
● Bloating and Indigestion
● Cough
● Fever
● Hairfall
● Migraine
● Stress
● Diabetes
● Back pain


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