Indriya Chikitsa

According to Ayurveda, the most important parts of the human body are the ‘Pancha Indriya’ or the five senses. These five senses are the point of interaction between Sharira or the body and Atma or the spirit. Hence, when these Indriyas function properly, the body, mind and spirit also remain in balance.

There are 5 Indriyas or senses mentioned in Ayurveda: Shrotra (Hearing), Sparshana (Touch), Chakshu (Sight), Rasana (Taste) and Ghraana (Smell). Each Indriya is dominated by any one element of Panchamahabhuta. Any imbalance in these senses may lead to many health disorders as well as disrupt the connection we have with the outer world. The therapies involved in Indirya Chikitsa promise to deal with these problems and restore the balance in our bodies.

What Are the Benefits of Various Indriyas

and Indriya Chikitsas?

  • Shrotra Indriya helps us to hear and perceive various sounds. Karna Purana, a therapy of Indriya Chikitsa aids in dealing with ear problems as well as preventing any disease from developing. 
  • Chakshu Indriya helps in seeing and perceiving the colours, sizes and other details of the objects around us. Akshi Tarpana helps to treat eye problems as well as makes sure that eyes are in good health.
  • Ghraana Indriya helps to perceive smells of various types. Nasyam, an Ayurvedic treatment aids in preventing and treating nasal diseases in the body.
  • Rasana Indriya helps to perceive the taste of various things, making our mouth a very important sensory organ. Gandusha and Kavala aids in preventing oral cavities in the mouth and also helps in treating various dental diseases.
  • Sparshana Indriya helps to perceive different types of touch around us. All the treatments and therapies of Indirya Chikitsa aid in keeping this Indriya in balance Indriya chikitsa in Rishikesh. 

What Are the Various Types of Indriya Chikitsa Done in Anahata?

  • Nasyam:

Nasyam is an Ayurvedic nasal therapy in which medicinal herbs are administered through the nostrils. It helps to treat many diseases related to the head and the respiratory tract such as migraines, memory loss and sinusitis.

Duration: 30 mins

  • Akshi Tarpana:

Akshi means eyes and Tarpana means nutrition. Hence, Akshi Tarpana is an Ayurvedic treatment in which the eyes and the surrounding areas are filled with the medicated oils. It is used to treat many eye diseases such as refractive errors, chronic conjunctivitis, xerophthalmia, etc. It also aids in improving vision and adding beauty to the eyes.  

Duration: 30 mins

  • Karna Purana:

Karna Purana is an Ayurvedic ear treatment that involves the administration of medicated oils in the ears. It is used to treat various ear problems such as hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, earache, etc.

Duration: 30 mins

  • Gandusha/ Kavala:

Also known as oil-pulling therapy, Gandusha and Kavala are Ayurvedic treatments that involve gargling of medicated oils in the mouth. In Kavala, smaller quantities of oils are used, whereas, in Gandusha, larger quantities of oil are put in the mouth. They are used to treat many dental problems such as oral cavities, gingivitis, etc. It also helps in the treatment of various diseases related to the ear, nose and throat.    

Duration: 15 mins


Why Should You Come to Anahata –

The Ayurveda Kutir for Indriya Chikitsa?

The importance of Indriyas in living a healthy life cannot be undermined. They are vital for the overall health and well being of people. Therefore, Indriya Chikitsa is one of the most important therapies involved in Ayurveda. What makes Anahata the best place to get Indriya chikitsa in Rishikesh is that, at Anahata, we not only believe in diagnosis but also consultation with the patient. Only after a complete diagnosis and full-fledged consultation with our Ayurvedic practitioner, will you know the treatments involved to treat your disease. 

Another reason for choosing Anahata is the professional, compassionate and experienced team of the Ayurveda Kutir. Your therapies will be done with the utmost professionalism and full understanding. To solve your problems and give you a better quality of life is what the team at Anahata strives for. 

For more information, click here to contact our team at Anahata for Indriya chikitsa in Rishikesh.

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