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Joints are one of the most important parts of our body. They help in the movement of our body and make us flexible. However, more and more people in the modern world have started facing joint pain and other joint-related problems. It is probably due to the unhealthy lifestyle everyone is leading nowadays. There are zero physical movements and no room for detoxification of the body.

Ayurveda advocates the importance of joints and maintaining the health of the joints. There are many therapies to relieve pain from back, neck and knee joints as well as to cure the diseases related to these joints. According to Ayurveda, most joint diseases are caused due to aggravated Vata Dosha and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, most of these therapies revolve around pacifying the aggravated Vata and removing the toxins from the body.

What Are the Therapies Involved in Joint Care?

  • Joint Care Treatment therapies boost blood circulation around the joints. With improved blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen reach better to the joints.
  • These treatments lubricate joints and the area around them, making them more flexible. It allows for a better and smooth movement of these joints.
  • Joint care therapies remove stress and congestion from the bones, muscles and nerves of the joints. Therefore, they are highly effective in relaxing and rejuvenating the body.
  • These treatments are highly beneficial to cure chronic joint pains.
  • Most joint-related diseases are inflammatory. The herbal oils used in these treatments have anti-inflammatory properties and hence, aid in reducing inflammation.
  • Joint care therapies remove the toxins from the body with the help of the medicated herbal decoctions. Toxins are the reason behind most diseases and disorders. Therefore, these therapies also aid in preventing many diseases.
  • Joint care therapies also stimulate tissue repair in these Joint Care Treatment and strengthen the muscles around them.

What Are The Benefits of Joint Care Therapy?

  •  Kati Basti:

Kati Basti is the Ayurvedic treatment of the back and the spine, done by retaining medicated herbal oils at the back of the body. It helps to relieve the physical stress that is the cause of most of the diseases and problems. It also helps to treat back pain and spine disorders such as cervical spondylitis.

Duration: 60 mins


  • Janu Basti:

Janu Basti is the Ayurvedic treatment of knee Joint Care Treatment. In this treatment, herbal medicated oils are retained in compartments on the knees to cure chronic knee pain. It is also highly effective for the treatment of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and arthrosis of knee joints.

Duration: 60 mins


  • Greeva Basti:

Greeva Basti is the Ayurvedic treatment of the neck, in which warm herbal oils are retained in a container on the neck area to relieve chronic neck pain. It also helps to treat chronic inflammation, frozen shoulders, compression fractures, cervical spondylitis, vertigo etc.

Duration: 60 mins 

Why Should You Come to Anahata-
The Ayurveda Kutir for Joint Care Treatment?

Joint care therapies require extreme precision and professionalism. With an exemplary team of Ayurveda practitioners, Anahata provides you with the best treatment for your joint pains and other joint-related diseases. At the Ayurveda Kutir, we conduct a full-fledged diagnosis and consultation prior to the treatment. It helps the doctor to properly understand the root cause of your problem. The underlying cause of the disease could be anything, from stress to unhealthy lifestyle practices to pre-existing diseases. The oils to be used depend vastly on the underlying cause of the disease, your Dosha imbalance and many other factors that affect your physical and mental health. Anahata always aims to give you the best treatment and eliminate all your problems. We believe in not just helping you live a healthier life but also a happier life.

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