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The Ayurveda Kutir

Aakanksha Tyagi: The Rooster

A certified Yoga trainer, Aakanksha Tyagi is one of Anahata’s best instructors. She has completed her post-graduation in Yogic sciences in 2019 and became a certified 200 Hrs RYT in 2020. She has also been passionate about learning the science of Ayurveda and therefore studied Basic Ayurveda and Panchakarma Course from Bapu Nature Cure Hospital, Delhi. Akanksha’s aim is to bring happiness to the lives of people by introducing holistic Yoga. She makes sure you step off the mat feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Deepak Bisth: The Eagle

Born and raised by the Ganges in Uttarakhand, Deepak Bisht has always had a strong inclination towards seeking the higher reality of life. He has completed his BA Degree in Arts and furthered his Master’s Degree in Yoga from the Garhwal University of Uttarakhand. He then moved to Rishikesh to join the Nada Yoga team, a leading school of Yoga, as an understudy and also as one of the teachers. Deepak believes in practising and teaching Asanas and Pranayamas through a systematic approach and is known for his ability to provide an authentic and deep understanding of Yoga to his students. Yogacharya Deepak Bisht has over 5 years of teaching experience running students over and over through the Yoga Teacher Training Programs. He is trained in Shatkarma, Pranayama and Yogasana with a deeper understanding of body alignment and adjustment. Humble, modest and very competent in Yogasana, Yogacharya Deepak possesses all the qualities of a true Yoga teacher. Deepak strongly believes that the practice of Yoga eliminates our ego and impurities and provides a path towards wisdom and humanity. 

Dr Priyanka Thigale: The Phoenix

Dr Priyanka Thigale is the director and consulting physician at Ayurphoenix Family Health Clinic and Research Centre. She is an exemplary Ayurveda consultant practising medicine worldwide. She has pursued her M.D. in Kayachikitsa and has even garnered national awards for her M.D. dissertation at BHU Varanasi. Dr Thigale is one of the best Ayurveda doctors who deal with women’s health and menstrual hygiene. Her special skills also lie in the treatment of diabetes, obesity, PCOS, cardiac disorders, respiratory diseases, etc. Dr Priyanka has also submitted a patent for Ayurvedic nebulisation for respiratory diseases. She has served as a guest speaker at various international conferences at the Indian embassy of the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, etc. Dr Priyanka Thigale is one of the best Ayurveda doctors at Anahata. With her experience, skills, passion and interests, she is a great addition to the Ayurveda Kutir. 

Sant Prakash Ji: The Dove

Sant Prakash Ji is a Yogi and a monk who believes devotion and discipline are the 2Ds necessary to lead a Yogic lifestyle. He hails from Bihar School of Yoga and has been a part of the school for more than 8-9 years. Sant Prakash Ji is a celibate and follows the path of Bhakti Yoga. For him, devotion is the key to leading a healthy life. He is well known for his knowledge and teachings on Yoga, Pranayama, meditation and Yogic philosophy. Sant Prakash Ji sheds light on all these subjects and provides an in-depth approach to understand these principles. As a part of Anahata, he brings much-needed discipline and liveliness to the Ayurveda Kutir.

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