Ayurveda Nutrition Course

The Ayurveda nutrition course is based on the role of aahar (diet) in modern lifestyle. Food is an important aspect of life and one which is very much influential to our body physiology. Understanding the different aspects of the diet is very essential for maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.

1. Introduction to Ayurveda 

2. Basic anatomy and physiology of the digestive system.

3. Physiology of digestive system from Ayurveda perspective ( the concept of Agni)

4. The Detail study of Agni and Kosta ( intestinal tract). 

5. The study of the basic concept of diet – RASA, VIRYA,VIPAKA

6. The study of Ama (toxin build-up) 

7. Wrong food combination. 

Introduction to Ayurveda

2. The concept of dosha in brief

3. Shad ras – six taste study of the six taste in detail.

4. The concept of agni – different types of agni

5. The concept of ama.

6.Basic concepts of Ahara (Diet) and Poshana (Nutrition) in Ayurveda – 60 min

7. Benefits of Ayurvedic Dietary guidelines in the present era – 60 min

8.Kitchen spices and their therapeutic uses: Part – I 60 min

9. Preparation of Narikelkhandpaka, MudgaYusha/ DadimYusha, and Kharjuraadimantha – 120 min.

10.Ahara (Diet) according to Desha (Habitat), Kala (Season), and Prakriti (Body Constitution) –
60 min

11. Concept of Agni (Digestive fire) and Ama (Intermediate metabolites) in Ayurveda- 60 min

12. Kitchen spices and their therapeutic uses: Part- II 60 min

13. Preparation of PatolaShaka / karvellakshaka, Apoop 1, and Ardrakpaka – 120 min.

14. ViruddhaAhara (Incompatible foods) – 60 min.

15. Interactive discussion about Junk food and its harmful effects – 60 min

16. Uses of herbal plants surrounding us – 60 min

17. Preparation of Jaali/ Mulakyusha, Kushmandshaka, and Preeranmodaka – 120 min

18. Interactive discussion regarding Myths in society and facts in Ayurveda about Dietary substances – 120 min

19. Identification of common Herbs -60 min

20. Preparation of Dhanyakaadi Him, Aam/ amlakiraag, Suranshaak, Apoop 2 and Vrishyayavagu – 120 min

21. Some useful Ahara in Ayurveda for lifestyle disorders – 60 min

22. What to eat: Healthy alternatives in Ayurveda – 60 min

23. AharaKalpana (Food preparations) – 60 min

24. Preparation of DhatriphalaadiPanak, Khalatakra, Rasala, and ChaturbeejaLaddu

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