“आयु: कामायमानेन धर्मार्थ सुखसाधनम् । आयुर्वेदोपदेशेषु विधेय: परमादर:”

Our Vision

“Practicing the recipe of the ancient elixir of happiness and health with Ayurveda”

Our Mission

The Ayurveda Kutir of Anahata is a space for physical, mental and emotional healing. The principles of Ayurveda lay down many practices and therapies using natural resources that can heal the disorders of body and mind, enhance efficiency and amplify the energy levels of the body. We, at Anahata, strive to do the same.

  • Spread awareness about Ayurveda and educate people of its holistic and sustainable benefits
  • Heal the disorders of the people who approach us through practices of Yam, Niyama, Ahara, Vihara, Aushadhi & Samshodhana
  • Prepare the remedies and medicines through natural herbs and resources to heal people.
  • Provide soulful retreat to people in nature’s lap at Rishikesh
  • Teach Ayurveda philosophies, treatments and practices to students and seekers of Ayurveda
  • Include Yogic therapies in the treatments of the people and eliminating the root cause of problems through Yoga and Meditation
  • Teach the ancient art of Yoga to the next generation of seekers of a better-quality life
  • Provide happiness to people by tuning their body, mind and soul in balance.

Our Goal


The purpose of Anahata is to use the ancient art of Ayurveda to help us reconnect with nature and ourselves. We aim to heal people through ancient and natural practices and revive the intrinsic abilities of their body to rejuvenate and heal themselves. Our family of dedicated practitioners and therapists aid in improving the health of people through a balanced diet and lifestyle modifications. The goal of Anahata is not just a better quality of life but to bring happiness in the lives of people with a balanced state of body and mind. We believe that:
Happiness = Better Health = Better Quality of Life

Our Values

Anahata literally means the heart chakra according to the Yogic philosophies. But, for our family, Anahata represents our core values and educational philosophies.

A: Authentic
N: Natural
A: Altruistic
H: Holistic
A: Accountability
T: Team-spirit
A: Adaptability

Authentic: The authentic Ayurveda practices originate from arduous study and training. Anahata maintains the honour of this ancient science and practices Ayurveda with authenticity.

Natural: The whole idea behind Anahata is to create a space that lets you connect yourself with nature. We use natural herbs and resources to practice Ayurveda and balance the Panchmahabhoot (five elements) of nature inside you.

Altruistic: We believe this Ayurveda Kutir is a space of selfless service to the world. When someone places their well-being in our hands, our service becomes our Dharma.

Holistic: Ayurveda believes that we are intricately connected with nature and the body, mind and soul are interconnected with each other. We, at Anahata, follow a holistic approach where everyone in our team is a part of our family.

Accountability: With the responsibility of someone’s well-being and happiness comes the accountability for every action and consequence that they encounter in their journey of healing. We, at Anahata, are proud to take that accountability.

Team-Spirit: This Kutir functions because of the dedicated efforts of its team members. We work together to heal your body and mind. Each of us represents the whole of us.

Adaptability: With a modern lifestyle, we tend to adapt ourselves while guiding and recommending ancient practices, diets and lifestyle changes. We keep our approach authentic and our channel adaptable.

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