If you are looking forward to gaining a deep understanding of the body and the relationship that exists between body and Yoga, then Anahata- the Ayurveda Kutir presents to you one of the best YOGA ANATOMY COURSES ONLINE. It not only gives you a basic understanding of the anatomy of the body but also helps you understand how the body movements impact your Yoga practice. Here, you will get an opportunity to learn about the skeletal system, muscle physiology, digestive system, respiratory system, body joints and how the movements of these organs correlate with the Asana practice. It will help you practice Yoga more efficiently and understand the science behind Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Kriyas more effectively.

This course is for anyone who has a basic understanding of Yoga. To all the people aspiring to become Yoga teachers, this course will give you a solid foundation of Yoga anatomy and its principles. Since it is an online course, it opens avenues to learning to all the people across the globe. This course has been divided into two modules: Module I and Module II. Completion of both the modules is important to get a certificate from Anahata. Only after a student has successfully completed the first module, can he move towards the second module.

Learn the science of Yoga Anatomy with Anahata now! Enrich your understanding of Yoga and become better Yoga teachers.

Objectives of the Course

  • This course aims to teach you the language of anatomy and movements and give you a deeper understanding of all the parts of the body.
  • The main goal of this course is to understand the correlation between human anatomy and Yoga Asanas and movements.
  • With this course, the students will also gain an understanding of how to manage injuries sustained during Yoga practice.
  • This course aims at teaching the students the correct method of practising Yoga to attain the maximum health benefits.
  • This course will also help the students learn important principles of anatomy that will help them in their journey as future Yoga teachers.


Syllabus of the Course

UNIT 1: Introduction to anatomy and a different system of the body


  • Study of skeletal system and movements of each joint
  • Correlating these movements with the movements of Asanas


  • Study of the musculoskeletal system and muscle physiology
  • Understanding the importance of holding Yoga Asanas
  • Understanding how our muscles develop with Yoga practice

UNIT 4: Study of digestive system and physiology of Kriya

UNIT 5: Study of the respiratory system: anatomy and physiology

UNIT 6: Study of the respiratory system:

  • Physiology of Pranayama practice
  • Study of Rechaka: Puraka and Kumbhaka

UNIT 7: Study of hamstring and how it limits during Yoga practice

UNIT 8: Physiology of stress and stress management

UNIT 9: Study of quadriceps and their correlation to Asana practice

UNIT 10: Q&A session

Other Details

Duration of the Course: 15 sessions

Session: 60 minutes per session

Mode of Education: Online through Zoom Application

Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer and Gpay


Inclusions in the Course Fees: All material required for the study for indefinite use

For more details, contact us at [email protected]


Syllabus of the Course


  • Study of the basic anatomy of tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Important anatomy principles for Yoga teachers

UNIT 2: Study of the spine and spinal deformities (Part – I)

UNIT 3: Study of the spine and spinal deformities (Part – II)


  • Study of shoulder joints
  • Study of practical Yoga anatomy with important shoulder muscles and shoulder injury sustained during Yoga practices


  • Study of  knee joint
  • Important measures to keep knees safe during the practice


  • Understanding the science of feet
  • Study of the sequence that can activate the deep and superficial muscles of your feet

UNIT 7: Anatomic study of Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog pose) and Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward facing dog pose)

UNIT 8: Anatomic study of the mechanics of the forward-bending Asanas

UNIT 9: Anatomic study of the back bending Asanas

UNIT 10: Q&A session 

Other Details 

Duration of the Course: 13 sessions

Session: 60 minutes per session

Mode of Education: Online through Zoom Application

Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer and Gpay


Inclusions in the Course Fees: All material required for the study for indefinite use

For more details, contact us at [email protected]

Why Is Yoga Anatomy Course the Best at
Anahata – The Ayurveda Kutir?

  • The Yoga anatomy course in Rishikesh at Anahata is one of the best courses in India. At Anahata, you will find the most experienced Yoga teachers who understand the correlation of the body with the Asanas more efficiently.
  • At Anahata, the teachers have tried to simplify difficult concepts to make the journey of students as smooth as possible.
  • Since it is an online course, this course provides you with an opportunity to learn the principles of Yoga anatomy from all the corners of the world.
  • The teachers at Anahata pay focus to each student and try to solve all their doubts and problems. At the Ayurveda Kutir, we believe that learning can only be enriched if the bond between the teacher and the student is strong.
  • This course at Anahata will open doors to many avenues and aspects of Yoga that were not much visible to you before.

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